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The Águeda Action Club, ACTIB, is a sports association dedicated to promoting and revitalizing sport in its most challenging and adventurous way.

Founded by a group of people who came from the former Motorcycle section of the club responsible, until 2013, for the Portuguese Motocross GP, the Águeda Action Club, ACTIB, has a structure with more than 30 years of experience in Motocross events of the highest level as well as in the World Championship.

The histories of this modality, these people, and the Motocross World Championship, end up meeting each other in the present, for those responsible for bringing the first Motocross World Championship to Portugal in the distant year of 1985 are the ones supporting this new project. Thus, the requirements to return the GP of Portugal to one of the World Capitals of Motocross, Águeda, after four years of absence are met.

World Motocross



Here are the best riders on the planet, the world's greatest builders, the most professional teams and the most challenging tracks.

Like MotoGP or F1, the Motocross World Championship now known as MXGP is a highly professional environment and a source of innovation and development for the off-road motorcycle industry. With an impressive structure and logistics, this "caravan" takes its big "motorhomes" to almost all the World. The Portugal MXGP already has many years of history, mostly in the Motocross Capital of Portugal, Águeda. The first time the Motocross World Championship visited our country was in the distant year of 1985 and, ever since, has remained a regular.